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Collectively, our community has 70 years of educational and cultural snapshots of their Fulbright Austria experience—and we are working to collect and display these snapshots as we celebrate “70 years of bright minds.” 

Please use the form below to quickly and easily share snapshots of your Fulbright experience with us. Don’t pass up this chance to help us document the impact of your program while also inspiring and supporting many more years of Fulbright Austria program participants—some of whom are creating their own memories now.


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In honor of our 70th anniversary, take time to reflect and share meaningful memories of your Fulbright Austria experience abroad. Fill out the form below to submit a personal statement highlighting the impact the Fulbright program or USTA program had on your personal life and/or professional career.

A few suggestions:
• Be specific.
• Mention the lasting concrete impact.
• Write in first-person.
• Stay within 1500 characters.
• Write in English or German.

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