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Fulbright-Hall Distinguished Chair for Entrepreneurship in Central Europe at the WU – Vienna University of Economics and Business

The Fulbright-Hall Distinguished Chair, which is among the most generous awards available to U.S. scholars under the auspices of the Fulbright Program, was established shortly after Kathryn Hall completed her tenure as U.S. Ambassador to Austria, 1997-2001, and was informed by Craig Hall’s interests in entrepreneurship and the special challenges economies in transition have confronted since the collapse of Communism. It initially "floated" among Fulbright commissions in Central Europe over a five year period starting in 2004-05 from Poland to Bulgaria, followed by a spit-site appointment in Vienna and Bratislava, and then moved to the Czech Republic and Hungary.

As of the 2009-10 academic year, the Austrian-American Educational Commission suggested that Fulbright-Hall Distinguished Chair for Entrepreneurship be anchored at the Department for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the WU-Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien for three years combined with guest lecturing in Central and Eastern Europe to give it a regional presence, and the success of this collaborative arrangement has encouraged the Trustees of the Hall Foundation to extend this relationship.

Further Information

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A biographical note on Ambassador Kathryn Walt Hall and Craig Hall.