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Karl-Heinz Rossbacher

"The Fulbright Scholarship of 1963/64 was quite a door opener..."

I graduated from the University of Salzburg with a Ph.D. in German Literature in 1966. I worked as an Assistant Prof. until 1975, when I got my Habilitation. I became Assoc.Prof. in 1976, and Full Prof. in 1994. I retired in 2008.

The Fulbright Scholarship of 1963/64 was qiute a door opener. I spent a year on a ACLS-Fellowship in 1978/79 in Amherst, Mass., one semester (1983) as a visiting prof. at the Institute of Liberal Arts at Emory University, and then was visiting prof. (Austrian Chair) at Stanford during  the spring semester of 1987.

Together with Dr. Otmar Drekonja I established a study program at the University of Salburg for students of St. John´s University and the College of Saint Benedict, Minnesota which is still going on. Also I was teaching at the Summer School of the University of Vienna at Strobl between 1975 and 1978, where my experience with teaching American students helped me quite fine.

Together with my colleague Ernst Hanisch from the history department I initiated in 1968 an Honorary Doctorate for Prof. Carl E. Schorske from Salzburg Univ. for his studies on Vienna 1900. 
I have written about some of my experiences during my Fulbright Exchange year in my book "Lesen und Leben" (Salzburg 2013).

Karl-Heinz Rossbacher is a graduate of the University of Salzburg with a Ph.D. in German Literature and studied at the University of Kansas as an Austrian Fulbright Student in 1963-64. He came back as an Austrian Fulbright Scholar in 1982-83.


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