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Fulbright-Kathryn and Craig Hall Distinguished Chair for Entrepreneurship in Central Europe

DEADLINE September 16
STARTING DATE October 2020 or March 2021
LOCATION University of Business and Economics Vienna
COMMENTS This grant is generously funded by the Craig and Kathryn Hall Foundation

Location: WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) and a partner institution in Central Europe (to be determined by WU). WU will facilitate contacts between the grantee and the other partner institution in Central Europe and monitor logistics as well as administrative processes. However, it will be the grantee's responsibility to articulate course details and travel plans in close collaboration with WU as well as the partner institution in Central Europe.

Benefits: USD 10,000 per month for four months, a travel grant of €1,000 for the grantee only, health and accident insurance. Host institutions will provide grantees with housing or a housing stipend of up to €1,500 per month.

Language: Instruction is in English.

Eligibility: All applicants must have US Citizenship.
(US Green Card, Permanent Residency or Residency Permit is not sufficient)

Qualifications: Open to associate and full professors.

Grant Activity: A flexible combination of teaching and research at the WU that entails teaching two class sessions per week consisting of 90 minutes each (two Austrian academic hours) and one course as a guest lecturer at another university in Central Europe affiliated with the host institution in the scholar's area of expertise. Format, content, and level (advanced undergraduate and graduate) of the individual courses are negotiated with the host institutions.

Specialization(s): This award is designed to address a broad range of issues associated with entrepreneurship in its various forms, including but not limited to entrepreneurial strategies, start-ups, marketing, private-public partnerships, social entrepreneurship, and enhancing institutional frameworks for the facilitation of entrepreneurship. Projects relating to diversity, access, equity, inclusion and/or social justice are particularly encouraged. Among others, possible topics include women’s entrepreneurship, minority-owned enterprises, economics of race or gender, business and women and/or minorities, and urban economics.

  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Women’s entrepreneurship
  • Minority-owned enterprise
  • Small business enterprise
  • Business and women and/or minorities
  • Economics of gender, race, and/or the disadvantaged
  • Urban economics and/or economics of the inner city
  • Management and marketing
  • Specialized merchandizing and sales
  • Private-public partnership
  • Entrepreneurial and small-business operations

Comments: The WU has a special but by no means exclusive interest in entrepreneurial culture and strategies, including user integration and innovation management as well as corporate social responsibility and diversity in organizations. The WU also has an Institute for Gender and Diversity in Organizations; visit their website for more information.

Candidates should outline their teaching and research interests and agendas in their proposals. Host institutions arrange affiliation with suitable departments for candidates.

Additional funds for guest lecturing elsewhere in Central Europe are available. For information on the host institution and department, consult: http://www.wu.ac.at/en/

In 2016, the Hall Foundation was acknowledged by the U.S. Department of State, the Republic of Austria, and WU Vienna for its exceptional support for the Fulbright-Hall Distinguished Chair for Entrepreneurship in Central Europe. For details see our News section.

Background information on the Fulbright-Kathryn and Craig Hall Distinguished Chair in Entrepreneurship can be found here.

Recipients of this award

  • Julie Elston, Oregon State University, 2019-20
  • Mark Johnson, North Carolina State University, 2018-2019, Vienna-Bratislava
  • Garry Bruton, Texas Christian University - Forth Worth, 2017-2018, Vienna-Bratislava
  • Kenneth Swan, College of William and Mary - Williamsburg, 2015-2016, Vienna-Bratislava
  • Dianne Welsh, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, 2014-2015, Vienna-Bratislava
  • Charles Weber, Portland State University, 2013-2014, Vienna-Bratislava
  • Julie Elston, Oregon State University, 2012-2013, Vienna-Bratislava
  • Charles Snow, Pennsylvania State University, 2011-2012, Vienna-St. Petersburg
  • Anthony Di Benedetto, Temple University, 2010-2011, Vienna-St. Petersburg
  • Emeric Solymossy, Western Illinois University, 2008-2009, Budapest
  • Richard Becherer, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, 2007-2008, Prague
  • Anthony Warren, Pennsylvania State University, 2006-2007, Vienna-Bratislava
  • Dennis Ray, University of St. Thomas, 2005-2006, Sofia
  • Garry Bruton, Texas Christian University, 2004-2005, Warsaw