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Fulbright - University of Applied Sciences Burgenland Visiting Professor of Energy and Environmental Management

DEADLINE September 16
STARTING DATE October 2020 or March 2021
LOCATION University of Applied Sciences Burgenland
COMMENTS This grant is generously funded by the host institution

Location: Campus Pinkafeld, University of Applied Sciences Burgenland.

Pinkafeld is located in the southwest of the province of Burgenland (Austria), only about 100 kilometers south of Vienna. Pinkafeld is nestled in the heart of Burgenland’s spa region, a region characterized by gently rolling hills and the foothills of the Wechsel mountains.

Pinkafeld is a typical rural school and university location; it has approximately 5700 inhabitants, the campus of UAS Burgenland already hosts 900 students. As such, it has gained supra-regional importance and reputation as a high-quality training location and science hub in the field of energy, environmental and building technology.

Visiting professors will find excellent accommodation in the immediate vicinity of the University of Applied Sciences at reasonable rent levels. Due to the proximity to Vienna daily commuting between Vienna and Pinkafeld would be possible. An express bus line and a highway connect the two cities directly. Since there are also inexpensive overnight accommodation possibilities in Pinkafeld (bookable for single nights in a student residence or hotel), a combination of both variants would be possible.

Benefits: €5,000 per month, accident and health insurance and a travel grant (€1,000).

Eligibility: All applicants must have US Citizenship.
(US Green Card, Permanent Residency or Residency Permit is not sufficient)

Language: Lecturing and research is in English.

Elegibility: All applicants must have US Citizenship.
(US Green Card, Permanent Residency or Residency Permit is not sufficient)

Qualifications: Open to faculty of all academic ranks with a Ph.D. Several years of teaching and research experience in relevant fields is preferred

Grant Activity: A flexible combination of teaching and research activities that entail teaching a minimum of two class sessions (90 minutes each) per week in one of the master programs offered at UAS Burgenland in the field of sustainable energy systems, energy and environmental management or building technology and management. Grant-related activities may also include advising or supervising advanced students as well as developing joint research projects with faculty. The format and content of individual courses and research objectives are negotiated on a consensual basis with the host institution, contingent upon its needs and the grantee’s interests and expertise. The department of Energy and Environmental Management is seeking individuals that are also open to making an active contribution to the research conducted at the department as well as to publishing jointly written research papers.

Specialization(s): Sustainability is the overriding focus of the research activities of the Department of Energy and Environmental Management. On this basis, grant activities can be twofold: On the one hand, they may relate to the area of sustainable buildings or, on the other, to the area of sustainable energy supply for rural regions. Both topics are not only understood in technical terms but also include social and economic issues in a genuinely interdisciplinary approach.

Sustainable buildings grant activities can evolve towards both high-tech buildings and low-tech buildings.

Ideally, the activities in the field of energy supply are related to the topics of solar energy and wind energy, including the associated issues of energy storage and the topic of hydrogen as an energy carrier.

Comments:The University of Applied Sciences attaches great importance to a very good compatibility of work and family or study and family. In this area, the University of Applied Sciences has a certificate awarded by the state and is a prizewinner in this regard.

The grant activities are supported by excellent laboratory equipment in both areas, for experimental examinations as well as for computer simulations.

In addition to the University of Applied Sciences, two further research companies are located directly on the Pinkafeld campus and enable thematic exchange and networking. The same applies to industrial and commercial enterprises in the area of research, which are located at the site or in the immediate vicinity.

The Department of Energy and Environmental Management organizes an international conference in the field of sustainable buildings and areas in Pinkafeld every November. This conference gives visiting professors a great networking opportunity. For this reason, a starting date on October 1 would be preferred.

In its research and development activities, the Department stresses the importance of applicable results in cooperation with industry.

Sustainability is a trademark of Burgenland. For example, the region is striving for energy self-sufficiency based on renewable energy and has already achieved this target for electrical energy (mainly wind energy). Burgenland is therefore considered a role model for energy policy processes. The Department is actively involved in related activities and therefore offers an authentic and innovative research environment.

Contact Information: For further information about the University of Applied Sciences Burglenland consult the institution's website. Please contact Michael Roither with queries.

Recipients of this award

  • This award will be offered for the first time in 2020-21.