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Fulbright Austrian Scholar Program

Fulbright – Botstiber Visiting Professor of Austrian-American Studies in the United States

DEADLINE October 30
LENGTH OF GRANT 3-4 months
STARTING DATE academic year 2020-2021
LOCATION Any academic institution in the US
COMMENTS Letter of invitation required. Generously sponsored by the Botstiber Institute for Austrian-American Studies.


With the support of the Botstiber Institute for Austrian-American Studies (BIAAS), the Austrian Fulbright Commission will provide grantees with a maintenance grant of $20,000 ($5,000 per month for 4 months); a health and accident insurance policy with a maximum coverage of $100,000; and a lump-sum travel grant of €1,500.

For additional information on the BIAAS, please consult their website.

For information on the Fulbright-Botstiber Award for US scholars in Austria, please consult the award page on our website and www.cies.org.


The purpose of the Fulbright-Botstiber Award in Austrian-American Studies in the United States is to promote the understanding of the historical relationship between Austria and the United States. Therefore, it is open to all scholars of Austrian and American Studies whose project proposals contribute toward this objective in terms of combinations of teaching and scholarship. The Austrian Fulbright Commission and the BIAAS are particularly interested in soliciting applications in the fields of history, the social sciences, economics, and law but also welcome qualified applications from other disciplines, including but not limited to literature, music, and the arts.

Grant proposals require the collaboration of potential Fulbright-Botstiber scholars from Austria and potential American host faculty, who will be responsible for effectively anchoring visiting Fulbright-Botstiber scholars in the curriculum, host department, and other activities of a host institution in the United States.

Project proposals require a detailed letter of invitation from potential host departments and/or institutions, the quality of which will be among the important criteria in the evaluation of grant proposals.

Flexible combinations of lecturing and research are conceived to allow Fulbright-Botstiber scholars to reach out to students and to make scholarly contributions to their disciplines at the same time.

Awards also may be conceived to develop new or to promote existing institutional relationships.

Grant Activity

A flexible combination of teaching, advising students, collaborative research and/or enhancing institutional collaboration that entails teaching or team-teaching one or more class sessions per week consisting of 90 minutes each (two Austrian academic hours). Format, content and level of the individual courses (advanced undergraduate and graduate), associated activities, and research focus are negotiated on a consensual basis with the host institution, contingent upon the grantee’s interests and expertise and host institution’s needs.

Eligibility Criteria and Application Process

Austrian citizens are eligible to apply. Applications from qualified junior as well as senior faculty from all accredited universities and post-secondary institutions are welcome. All applicants should hold a doctorate and, ideally, at least five years experience teaching at the university/post-secondary level.

If you are interested in applying, please fill out and submit the Fulbright Visiting Scholars application online.

Please note: 
Step 3 Documents:
No English proficiency test or TOEFL is needed.
Step 4 References:
You should register your three recommenders in the online system. They will be sent an email and can upload their letter of reference directly to the online system.


All applications will be treated confidentially. Designated representatives of the Austrian Fulbright Commission will review and rank the applications, and finalists will be notified concerning the status of their applications in late January or early February.

If you have further questions about the Fulbright-Botstiber Visiting Professor of Austrian-American Studies, please contact Dr. Susanne Hamscha.


Dr. Wolfgang Aschauer
University of Salzburg
Department of Political Science and Sociology

Dr. Christian Quendler
University of Innsbruck
Department of American Studies

Dr. Erich Striessnig
Austrian Academy of Sciences
Vienna Institute of Demography

Dr. Farid Hafez
University of Salzburg
Department of Political Science

Dr. Max Preglau
University of Innsbruck
Department of Sociology

Dr. Bettina Leibetseder
Johannes Kepler University Linz
Department for Politics and Social Policy

Dr. Heidemarie Uhl
Austrian Academy of Sciences
Institute of Culture Studies and Theatre History

Dr. Primus Kucher
Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt
Department of German Studies