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Fulbright Austrian Student Program

DEADLINE May 1, 2019
LENGHT OF GRANT 1 academic year
STARTING DATE August/September 2020

The Fulbright Austrian Student Program provides financial support for Austrian citizens who want to pursue a master's degree in the United States. Fulbright Austria funds one-year and multi-annual programs. Following its mandate to promote "mutual understanding between the peoples of Austria and the United States of America,” Fulbright Austria is particularly interested in applicants whose personality, interests, and career plans will contribute to the advancement of intercultural understanding. In addition to their academic track record, Fulbright Austria will thus consider the applicants' resumés and previous accomplishments in the selection process.

Fulbright Austria invites interested students to apply by May 1, 2019 for the academic year 2020-21. In case of questions regarding the program or the application process, please contact Mag. Martina Laffer.

Selection Criteria+

  • Excellent study record (U.S. institutions consider the applicants' cumulative grade point average)
  • Qualifications relevant for the study program the applicant would like to apply for
  • Scholarly, artistic, social, and political commitment and work (also on a volunteer basis)
  • Career objectives
  • Study proposal
  • English skills and communication skills
  • Test results of the mandatory standardized tests required for the admission to a U.S. institution

    • The GRE must be passed with a good score by all candidates after the admission into the Fulbright Program (i.e. not before May 1, 2019). Applicants for law programs are exempt from this rule.
    • The TOEFL must be passed with a good score after the admission into the Fulbright Program (i.e. not before May 1, 2019) as an evaluation of the candidate's language skills. 

  • Test facilities need to forward the test results directly to Fulbright Austria (TOEFL Code: 7517; GRE Code: 4800) AND to the Institute of International Education in New York (Code für TOEFL und GRE: 2326). 

Program Requirements+

  • Austrian citizenship (dual citizens [Austria-U.S.A] are not eligible due to the program regulations.)
  • Candidates need to have already earned a degree from an accredited university or university of applied sciences or be close to the completion of their degree.

    • bachelor programs: completion of degree by October 1, 2019 at the latest (degrees completed by October 30, 2019 can be considered on a case by case basis).
    • master programs: completion of degree by May 1, 2020 at the latest

  • The Fulbright Austrian Student Program funds Master programs at all accredited US institutions. So-called “professional degrees” cannot be funded. This includes, for instance,

    1. MBAs and similar programs in Business, Management, Marketing und Finance (with the exception of not-for-profit management and social entrepreneurship, public management and administration, public affairs, and/or public policy (MPA/MPP)
    2. LLM programs (with the exception of constitutional law, human rights law, international public law, legal theory and philosophy, comparative law, legal history)
    3. medical programs, veterinarian medicine, pharmacy (with the exception of public health)

  • Stipends cannot be awarded for study programs that candidates have already been admitted to or have applied for outside of the Fulbright program
  • Candidates who meet the qualifications to apply for a Fulbright Scholar Program (Postdocs and professionals) cannot apply for a Fulbright Student Grant
  • Candidates who already received a Fulbright Student Grant, a postgraduate grant from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research, and Economics (with the exception of internships), or a grant from the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) or the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) are also not eligible.
  • Furthermore, it is not possible to be funded through Fulbright whilst receiving a stipend from the institutions noted above.
  • As Fulbright students are funded through the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF), Fulbright grantees are not eligible to apply for other grants offered by the BMBWF.
  • The nomination for a Fulbright grant is contingent upon approval by the FSB (J. William Fulbright Scholarship Board). According to the FSB’s rules and regulations, candidates who already are in the US at the time of their application are not eligible to apply. Given equal qualifications, preference will be given to candidates who do not have extensive and recent experience of living and studying in the US.


  • Tuition and maintenance grant of up to USD 25.000 for one-year programs, or up to USD 35.000 for multi-annual programs
  • lump-sum travel grant of up to 1.500 Euros
  • enrollement in the Department of State's Accident and Sickness Program for Exchanges (ASPE)
  • negotiation of (partial) tuition waivers or additional financial support with the U.S. institution by IIE
  • coaching and administrative support during the application phase, which heightens the probability to be accepted by a U.S. institution
  • vouchers for GRE and TOEFL examinations after the admission into the Fulbright Program
  • submission of the application to 4 U.S. institutions as a "Fulbright candidate" and coverage of application fees by IIE
  • Visa sponsorship: J1-visa (exchange visitor) requires grantees to return to their home country for at least 2 years after the completion of their studies before they can apply for a residence or work permit. The re-entry on a tourist or student visa is possible anytime.
  • pre-academic training in the U.S. (occasionally) and/or participation in "enrichment seminars" in the course of one's stay

Application Process+

  • Application deadline for the academic year 2020-21: May 1, 2019
  • The most qualified applicants are invited for an interview, which will take place in Vienna in June 2019, via e-mail
  • Candidates will be notified of whether or not they were selected by the end of June or beginning of July 2019
  • Half-day seminar for nominated candidates to optimize their applications (July 2019 in Vienna)
  • Revision of the application documents by the candidates until September 10, 2019
  • Submission of the TOEFL and GRE test results by September 10, 2019
  • Submission of the application to 4 U.S. institutions through the Institute of International Education in the fall of 2019.