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Generally speaking, FLTAs assist their host institutions in the instruction of German for 20 hours per week. FLTA duties vary widely based on the specific needs of individual institutions—some FLTAs are expected to teach language courses on their own with minimal in-class supervision, while others may be much more involved in providing extracurricular support for established language programs, such as leading conversation groups, participating in community events or lectures, working in language laboratories, or contributing to language materials development. Some FLTAs live on campus with their students in an international house and actively participate in the campus community. The idea of the program is to have a native speaker on campus as a linguistic and cultural resource, both inside and outside the classroom. Many institutions are looking for young, lively, and energetic native speakers of German that spark their students' excitement for language learning and international travel.

Every FLTA package is tailor-made, and the roles vary slightly based on the needs of the host institution. Fulbright Austria ensures that all FLTAs receive roughly the same financial package based on the offers made by specific host institutions. FLTAs receive support from Fulbright Austria and the Institute of International Education (IIE) in New York before their departure to the US and throughout their stay. The following benefits are included in every FLTA package:

  • A pre-departure orientation session in Austria;
  • An orientation seminar and an enrichment seminar in the US;
  • The chance to be a part of a larger community of Fulbrighters in Austria and the US;
  • Room, board, and tuition re-mission for two courses per semester on a credit or audit basis as well as a small stipend from the host institution;
  • A travel grant of €800;
  • ASPE health and accident insurance for the duration of the grant; and
  • Visa sponsorship for a J-1 visa[1].

For a list of our current US host institutions—many of whom are long-standing partners—please see the "Placement" section on this page.

[1]  FLTAs receive a J-1 visa that requires them to return to their country of origin (i.e., Austria) for two years before they are eligible to apply for a work permit or green card. It is, however, possible to return to the US as a tourist (for 90 days) or on a student visa.