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Past Recipients of the Fulbright Prize

2018: Eva Simone Leick "Intermedically Constructed Selfhood: Life Writing by African Ballerinas" (University of Graz)


Mag. Anna Windisch “‘Waltzing on Broadway’: Cultural Transfers in Silent Film Music between Vienna and New York" (University of Vienna)

2017: Dr. Yvonne Kaisinger “An Ocean of Words: Literature and the Environment on Caribbean and Pacific Islands” (University of Salzburg) 


Mag. Amelie Schmid “Is /Girls/ Feminist? Analyzing the ‘Voice of a Generation’ and Dunham’s Televisual Feminism” (University of Salzburg)

2016: Dr. Leo Lippert “Performing America Abroad: The Politics of Transnationalism in  the Age of Neoliberal Difference” (University of Vienna).

2015: Mag. Svenja Grabner “Translating Lovers: An Examination of Where Eros and Translation Meet in Contemporary  American Love Poetry ” (Leopold-Franzens-University Innsbruck)


Mag. Ingrid Haidegger “ ’Make Them Expectant’: The Movie Poster as a Marketing Tool and Genre Indicator ” (Leopold-Franzens-University Innsbruck)

2014: Mag. Tobias Auböck “Easier Imagined Than Described: Femininity and Fictionality in American Barbary Coast Captivity Narratives” (Leopold-Franzens-University Innsbruck)


Mag. Lisa Hasenhütl “Female Empowerment in Persepolis and Mail Order Bride: A Transnational Feminist Study ” (Karl-Franzenz-University Graz) 

2013: Dr. Simone Puff “What’s in a Shade?: The Significance of Skin Color in Ebony Magazine” (University of Klagenfurt)


Mag. Michael Streif “The Hollywood Conque(e)ror: Marlene Dietrich and the Representation of Gender Roles and (Homo)Sexuality in Classical American Cinema” (University of Salzburg)

2012: Dr. Cornelia Klecker “Spoiler Alert! Mind-Tricking Narratives in Contemporary Hollywood Film” (University of Innsbruck)


Dr. Johannes Mahlknecht “Writing on the Edge - Paratexts in Narrative Cinema” (University of Innsbruck)

2011: Mag. Carina Lesky "Flesh, Stone and Celluloid: An Exploration of Urban Skins" (University of Innsbruck) 


Mag. Dr. Andreas Leisner "Individualism in U.S. Mythology: The Lawman as Promethean Figure in the Western" (University of Innsbruck) 

2010: Mag. Judith Kohlenberger “Isn’t it Byronic? Romanticism, Postmodernism and the Rule of the Cool” (University of Vienna)


Dr. Florian Sedlmeier, "Rereading Literary Form: Transpositions, Paratexts, and Postethnic Literature around 2000" (University of Salzburg)

2009: MMag. Cornelia Klecker "Skip and Rewind. When Time Gets Out of Line in Mainstream Film" (University of Innsbruck)

2008: Mag. Katharina Kurzmann "Outside the Imagined Community? The Discourse on Latin American Immigration in the United States" (University of Vienna) 


Dr. Martin Senn "Arming to Threaten the Peace of the World. A Constructivist Approach Towards the Rogue State Concept" (University of Innsbruck)

2007: Dr. Christian Quendler: "Framing Fiction: Initial Framings in the American Novel from 1790 to 1900" (Universität Graz)


Mag. Astrid Maria Brunner: "Grrl Power for Sale? Ambivalent Resistance in Feminist Subcultures" (Universität Wien)

2006: Armin Erger: "Revolution in Military Affairs: Mode of Warfare, Transformation & US Amerikanische Debatte" (University of Innsbruck)


Astrid Koblmüller: "Swordswomen and Urban Warriors: The Female Hero in Maxine Hong Kingston's The Woman Warrior: Memories of a Girlhood among Ghosts and Sara Paretsky's Indemnity Only, Deadlock, and Killing Orders" (University of Salzburg)

2005: Helene Graupp: "The Construction of History in Don DeLillo's Libra"

2004: Corinna Dirisamer: "Die Entdeckung Amerikas im Internet. Zur Konstruktion und Inszenierung von Geschichte im World Wide Web"

2003: Renaud Tschirner: "The Relevance of Contemplation: The Evolution of Ezra Pound's Aesthetics"