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Fully Field-Funded Fulbright Specialist Fulbright-NAWI Graz Role Models Program

NAWI Graz and Fulbright Austria have successfully collaborated since 2010, when they invited the first Fulbright-NAWI Graz Visiting Professor to Austria under the auspices of the Fulbright US Scholar Program. This productive and successful exchange has led to the conclusion of a new joint-project: This year, NAWI Graz and Fulbright Austria will launch the Fulbright-NAWI Graz Role Models Program, which will allow NAWI Graz to host a “Fully Field-Funded Fulbright Specialist” for two to six weeks.

NAWI Graz, the inter-university cooperation between University of Graz and the TU Graz started in 2004 with the mission to foster collaboration in natural sciences in terms of teaching, research and organization. Since 2011, the cooperation has engaged in several initiatives to increase its international visibility and outreach. This includes, for instance, the implementation of - so far - seven master study programs taught exclusively in English, the installation of an international scientific advisory board and the Fulbright-NAWI Graz Visiting Professor in Natural Sciences. In order to further extend their international initiatives, NAWI Graz will install a “Fulbright-NAWI Graz Role Models Program” which is based on the Fulbright Specialist Program.

The Fulbright Specialist Program pairs highly qualified U.S. scholars and professionals with Austrian host institutions to share their expertise, strengthen institutional ties, gain international experience, and learn about Austrian culture while building capacity at their Austrian host institution. Fulbright Austria is excited about the installation of a fully field-funded Fulbright Specialist at NAWI Graz. Hosting a Fulbright Specialist regularly and routinely contributes tremendously to institutional development, on the one hand, and encourages students and junior researchers to interact with international scholars that can serve as role models, on the other.

The Fulbright Specialist Program is a short-term program focused on collaborative projects. Fulbright Austria is glad to see that the program is often a catalyst that sets long-lasting exchange and cooperation between Austrian institutions and US scholars in motion. The Fulbright-NAWI Graz Role Models Program promises to continue this trend and to professionalize institutional development and the sharing of knowledge, expertise, and skills.