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Fulbright Austria Redesign

Our 65th anniversary has been accompanied by a “Fulbright in the 21st Century Project” to reach out to new audiences, who might not know who or what Fulbright is, and to reconnect with our alumni to have them help us tell the Fulbright story. We have had the pleasure of working with communication professionals at Himmer, Buchheim and Partner, who helped us develop a wonderful and relational red and blue color scheme, based on the Austrian Rot-Weiss-Rot and the US Stars and Stripes. We wanted to keep the message simple and have come up with an Austrian Fulbright logo that reflects the Austrian-American color combination. We’re now going by Fulbright Austria, which is short and sweet. In addition to our new logo, we’ll keep using the global Fulbright logo because Fulbright Austria is part of the flagship global academic exchange program of the United States. We’re also pleased to be in the MQ in Q21’s community of 50 initiatives and organizations working creatively in cultural sectors, and a part of the global network of EducationUSA, so we use those logos too.


We have a new design which is attractive, handsome, straightforward, and fresh. Our website is easy to navigate and looks good on hand-held devices. In terms of content we want to communicate as concisely as possible what this program is about: it is about people and it is about partnerships. And the bright people and bright partners with whom Fulbright Austria is associated provide the basis for our claim: Full of Bright Minds. It has been a pleasure to connect (or re-connect) with so many of the bright minds in our community over the course of our 65th anniversary year!