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Open Lecture on "Empowering the Diverse Learner Through Digital Storytelling" with Fulbright Specialist Dr. Olga DeJesus, June 21, 2017

This discussion with Fulbright Specialist in Migration Dr. Olga DeJesus (Mercy College) will explore applications of engaging, multimedia-rich digital stories to generate interest, attention and motivation for the "digital generation" students in today’s classrooms. The discussion will be held in Q21's Raum D  in the Vienna MQ (#40 on this MQ map) on Wednesday, June 21 and is organized by Fulbright Austria and the University College of Teacher Education Vienna.

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Digital storytelling at its most basic core is the practice of using computer-based tools to tell stories and can be used in education in many ways. An engaging, multimedia-rich digital story can serve as an anticipatory set or hook to capture the attention of diverse learners and increase their interest in exploring new ideas. After viewing example digital stories created by their teachers or other story developers, students may be given assignments in which they are first asked to research a topic and then choose a particular point of view. This type of activity can generate interest, attention and motivation for the "digital generation" students in today’s classrooms. The process can capitalize on the creative talents of students as they begin to research and tell stories of their own as they learn to use the library and the Internet to research rich, deep content while analyzing and synthesizing a wide range of content. In addition, students who participate in the creation of digital stories may develop enhanced communications skills by learning to organize their ideas, ask questions, express opinions, and construct narratives. It also can help students as they learn to create stories for an audience, and present their ideas and knowledge in an individual and meaningful way.

Olga DeJesus is Assistant Professor of Literacy and Multilingual Studies at Mercy College. She holds M.S. degrees from Mercy College in Elementary Education and in School Building Leadership. She also completed an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership at Liberty University Lynchburg, VA. From 2008-2013 Dr. DeJesus served as Director of Graduate Education Programs & NYS Certification Officer at the Mercy College School of Education. She has taught and published on teaching ESL, bilingualism and multilingualism in the classroom, and cultural perspectives in education. This June, she is joining the University College of Teacher Education Vienna as a Fulbright Specialist in Migration.