Nicola Pohl

Fulbright-University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna Visiting Professor

Home Institution
Indiana University Bloomington
Host Institution
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU)
March 1, 2020–June 30, 2020

Nicola Pohl, professor of chemistry and the Joan and Marvin Carmack Chair in Bioorganic Chemistry at Indiana University in Bloomington, received her BA degree from Harvard College in 1991 and her PhD in chemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1997. Following an NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Stanford University, she joined the faculty at Iowa State University in the fall of 2000. Nicola was a professor of chemistry and of chemical and biological engineering and held the Wilkinson Professor of Interdisciplinary Engineering at Iowa State University before moving to Indiana University in 2012. Her research lab works on methods to make and analyze carbohydrates and carbohydrate-modified protein fragments with the development of new chemistries as well as automated systems with applications to vaccines and other therapeutics. Her lifelong love of baking led her into chemistry. She also enjoys dancing, skiing, hiking, painting, reading, and biking as well as meeting new people, plants, animals, and places.