Patrice Splan

US Teaching Assistant

Home Institution
James Madison University
Educational Sciences
Host Institution
(1) Bundesgymnasium und Bundesrealgymnasium mit Modellversuch Neue Mittelschule BG BRG/NMS Klusemannstr. 8053 Graz (2) Modellschule Graz Realgymnasium des Vereins Modellschule Graz G RG Modellschule Graz 8020 Graz
October 1, 2019–June 1, 2020

Patrice Splan is so excited to live in Graz, Austria. She was born in Washington, DC, and raised just 10 minutes outside of the city. While most people associate DC with history and politics, to Patrice it means great concerts, delicious food, wonderful friends, and, most simply, home. In May 2019, she graduated from James Madison University with a degree in English, secondary education, and honors interdisciplinary studies. While in Austria, she will be working with Caritas Graz-Seckau to assist with recreational programs for adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDDs). Since high school, she has been working with a program called Best Buddies to facilitate similar initiatives. She is looking forward to learning about how Caritas Graz-Seckau promotes the inclusion of people with IDDs and accommodates their needs. As a future teacher, Patrice will focus on ways in which their techniques could be used to aid students in the classroom. She will also work part-time as a teaching assistant at two secondary schools in Graz and take a few courses at the University of Graz. She is very grateful to have these opportunities to be so involved in Graz and cannot wait for the experiences, places, and people that will help make this city feel like another home.