Kelsi Hook

US Teaching Assistant

Home Institution
Valparaiso University
Linguistics and Literature
Host Institution
(1) Bundesgymnasium und Bundesrealgymnasium Enns BG/BRG Hanuschstraße 27 4470 Enns (2) Bundesrealgymnasium solarCity Linz 4030 Linz-Pichling
October 1, 2020–May 31, 2021

Kelsi Hook grew up in a small town in Northwest Indiana, right outside of Chicago. She attended a small private university and studied German andlLinguistics with a concentration in TESOL. Kelsi also has a master's degree in teaching. Kelsi was awarded a Fulbright grant in Germany in 2018 and lived in Schleswig-Holstein. She taught at a Gemeinschaftsschule and worked with students in 9th–13th grade and is looking forward to seeing how the Austrian classroom differs from the German classroom. She is also very excited to experience Austrian culture and to teach English again! In her free time, Kelsi likes to read, listen to music, and hike.