Binh Truong

US Fulbright Student Combined Grant

Home Institution
University of Washington
Political Science
Host Institution
University of Salzburg
September 15, 2019–June 30, 2020

Binh Truong is a Vietnamese-American studying political science and international studies. Her background as an immigrant and growing up in a diverse neighborhood led to her curiosity in different cultures and inspired her to eventually work for the US State Department. She is fascinated by how people communicate with each other, especially online and across different government structures. Her research will focus on democracy and online communities in Austria.

Binh hopes to learn as much from her time as a USTA as the students are learning from her. She wants to improve her cross-cultural communication in Austria and figure out how to represent America, as diverse as it is. One of her goals is to speak to an Austrian and have the person not reply to her in English.