Robin Vincent

US Teaching Assistant

Home Institution
Middlebury College
Linguistics and Literature
Host Institution
(1) Höhere technische Bundeslehranstalt HTBLA Goethestraße 4020 Linz, Donau (2) Höhere technische Bundeslehranstalt "LiTEC Linzer Technikum" HTBLA Paul-Hahn-Str 4020 Linz, Donau
October 1, 2019–May 31, 2020

Robin Vincent grew up a small town in the northeast corner of Vermont. Since the age of 14, she has been a member of a team—for either running or skiing. Although her collegiate days of competing are over, she hasn’t lost her passion for running or Nordic skiing. An avid reader, Robin was fascinated by languages from a young age, which led her to study comparative literature for her first two years at Middlebury College. After taking several classes in the natural sciences, Robin's interest in biology and chemistry manifested as an internship in a laboratory while she was studying abroad in Mainz, Germany. After this, she was sure she wanted to do research and work in a lab. However, Robin realized it was actually the ability to clearly articulate ideas in other languages and to describe her thoughts about a specific, previously unknown topic that was more important. She changed her major and graduated in 2018 with a degree in German; she began pursuing a master’s degree in the same subject in summer 2019. Robin has found so much joy through learning languages, writing, and experiencing the different aspects of a culture that aren’t accessible in translation. It is her goal to inspire students on their path to language mastery in the same way that she been inspired by the thrill of understanding throughout her education.