Vincent Pham

Fulbright-Marshall Plan Foundation US Student Award

Home Institution
Tufts University / Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Host Institution
IMBA / University of Vienna
Project Title
"Modeling and analysis of structural brain connectivity in 3D cerebral organoids"
1 March 2021 – 31 October 2021

Vincent Pham is a neurobiologist interested in the development of the human brain. He holds a BSc in neuroscience from Brown University and an MSc in biology from Tufts University. Prior to receiving a Fulbright, he worked at MIT, where he studied neurodevelopment using cerebral organoid (3D “mini-brains”) generated from human-derived stem cells. Using cerebral organoids as a model system, he observed what goes awry in individuals with autism spectrum disorders. He previously worked at Mass General Hospital and has published in journals such as Nature Medicine, Biomicrofluidics, and PLOS One. His work was recently featured in the New Scientist.

At the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (IMBA) in Vienna, Vincent is continuing his work with brain organoids, using them to model and study the development of the corpus callosum—the bundle of nerve fibers connecting the two brain hemispheres.

Outside of research, Vincent is interested in science education, outreach, and communication. He has designed/prototyped demos and activities at MIT for students from elementary through high school. He has also worked on NOVA, an American popular science television series produced by PBS. There he created digital videos and interactive webpages. He believes in the power of free and open content to promote equity in science education, leveling differences in resources available to students and schools from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.