Daisy Garner

US Teaching Assistant

Home Institution
College of William and Mary
Other Humanities not elsewhere classified
Host Institution
(1) Liese Prokop Privatschule für Hochleistungssportler - ORG und HAS f. HochleistungssportlerInnen d.Vereins Österr. Leistungssport Zentrum-Südstadt Priv. ORG u. HAS Südstadt, 2344 Maria Enzersdorf (2) Bundesgymnasium BG Untere Bachgasse 8, 2340 Mödling
1 October 2022 – 31 May 2023

Daisy is an emerging scholar focusing on German-speaking countries and the psychology of human rights abuses, politics, and legislation as well as on how to assist victims of large-scale and small-scale trauma, including war, mass shootings, and natural disasters. She completed her undergraduate thesis on various teams with politically extreme fan bases.

During her undergraduate studies, Daisy also worked at an international-relations think tank and published several pieces. She is most proud of her piece for the Pulitzer Center on assisted-dying legislation in the United Kingdom.

Currently, Daisy is on her second year serving as a US teaching assistant at two schools in Lower Austria. She sincerely enjoys her job, as it allows her to promote cultural exchange between the United States and Austria and enables her to help her students better their understanding of the English language. Daisy is also a master's student at the University of Vienna.

Thank you, Fulbright Austria, for the life-changing experience!