Edith Stein

Austrian Fulbright Student

Home Institution
Medical University of Vienna
Health Sciences (Nutrition, Sport Science...)
Host Institution
Harvard University
August 1, 2018–May 1, 2020

Edith is a psychiatrist from Switzerland currently pursuing an MMSc in global health delivery at Harvard Medical School as a Fulbright student and a Ronda Stryker and William Johnston Fellow. Her approach is an inclusive, resource-orientated, rights-based approach towards mental health, focusing on the delivery of care for the most vulnerable, including refugees and asylum-seekers. In 2019, she graduated from the Child Protection Program at the Harvard FXB Center for Health and Human Rights. Furthermore, she is a consultant for medica mondiale, an NGO that aspires to improve the provision of contextually sound, stress- and trauma-sensitive health care for refugees—in particular survivors of sexualized war violence—and a steering committee member of the International Network for Research, Advocacy, and Policy on Immigration Detention. Her research interests are in psychosocial adversity, trauma, resilience, refugee mental health, transitional age youth, and transcultural psychiatry. Her career aspiration is to hold an academic leadership position in psychiatry, develop culturally responsive mental health services for refugees and asylum-seekers, and provide policy advice to (inter)governmental institutions responsible for public health, child protection, and migration policies.