Bettina Spernbauer

Austrian Fulbright Student

Home Institution
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
Other Natural Sciences not elsewhere classified
Host Institution
Utah State University
August 31, 2020–May 1, 2022

Bettina Spernbauer is pursuing her MS degree in recreation resource management at Utah State University. She is also practicing as a research assistant at the Institute of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism, with research focusing on CO2 emissions caused by outdoor recreation in a protected-area setting. She completed her undergrad studies in natural-area management and environmental planning at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, including a semester studying alpine ecology in Norway.

Bettina has worked in several projects around sustainable tourism and protected area management, was a GIS teaching assistant, and is actively engaged in the Austrian Alpine Association. Her research interests are impacts of recreation and tourism on mountain ecosystems, visitor and protected-area management, and spatial analysis. Her overall career goal is to find sustainable solutions to combine nature conservation and outdoor recreation.