Anna Leitner

Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant

Home Institution
Paris Lodron University Salzburg
Educational Sciences
Host Institution
Agnes Scott College
11 August 2022 – 15 May 2023

Anna Leitner is currently working as a Fulbright foreign language teaching assistant at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Atlanta. She teaches a culture class that looks at various aspects of culture and its societal implications as well as language classes.

Anna finished her bachelor's degree in English and geography/economics as teaching subjects in 2021. After that, she taught German as a foreign language at a grammar school in Lincoln, United Kingdom. She is currently working on her master's degree and studying pedagogy at the same time. After that, she plans on pursuing a PhD.

During her studies, Anna's main focus was on bilingualism. Her bachelor's thesis in English was concerned with heritage language learners and the perception of different languages in Austria. At the same time, she conducted research in the field of educational inequality in Austria, which was the topic of her second thesis.

Being able to teach and study at an all-women's college has broadened Anna's horizon and spiked her interest in women and gender studies as well as the inclusion of minorities in the classroom. She intends to use her time as a teaching assistant to learn from the cultural exchange and, in particular, her students in order to conduct some research and write her master's thesis in that field.