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Please tell us your Fulbright Austria story!

What did you do in Austria or the US, and how did the Fulbright experience influence and change your life? We want to hear and share your story to help our stakeholders and prospective applicants to understand the value of the Austrian-American Fulbright and USTA programs (and of course to show off our amazing alumni).

A few suggestions…

  • Make your story specific. Don't just make a list of all the activities / adventures / events you were involved with as a Fulbrighter: pick one and write about why it matters.
  • Have a point. What did your Fulbright experience do to change you, the US, Austria or the world?
  • Did your Fulbright experience have any lasting concrete impact? If so, be sure to mention it! (ex: your university is collaborating on research with the university you visited, you brought new technology to the USA, etc.)
  • Write in the first-person.
  • Your piece can be as short as a paragraph or as long as a page.
  • Include a portrait or profile picture and a photograph that illustrates some aspect of your story if you can.
  • feel free to write in English or German

The events you highlight in your story don’t have to be big things, nor do you have space to tell us everything that happened while you were a Fulbrighter and since. We just want YOUR story, an aspect of your experience, which we will combine with other stories to create a mosaic of the Austrian-American Fulbright experience and its impact. 

If you have any difficulty using this form, please email your story and pictures to staff(at)fubright.at. Thank you for your support!”

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