Ally Week: amplifying Fulbright Austria voices

26 September 2023

25–29 September is Ally Week. In this article, alums Carla Harold and Roland Bailey talk about issues facing the LGBTQ+ community and women as well as the importance of intersectionality and allyship between groups in both the US and Austria. They take a critical look at recent events and politics in the two countries and share their thoughts on where they believe intersectional collaboration is vital to progress and the rights of individuals.

Carla Harold

Although the extent to which full access and participation can be achieved without structural change is certainly debatable, it was still good to see increasing awareness and the effort that was put in from many sides to create a community aiming for broadening access and participation.
Although I really enjoyed my time in the US, my experience was certainly impacted by the shifting discussions on bodily autonomy, affecting the lives of women as well as trans and queer people alike.

Roland Bailey

We now live in a society where someone’s fundamental right to choose is completely dependent on which state they live in.

Watch Carla and Roland's Ally Week interview