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The Fulbright Austria alum community is comprised of every individual who has completed a program managed by Fulbright Austria. Membership is free, and you automatically become a member once you have finished your program. Welcome to the community!

We value, welcome, and support our community of alums, a diverse group encompassing many generations of individuals who have participated in Fulbright Austria's programs. We recognize the valuable impact the community has in helping us continue to offer opportunities for future program participants—and the impact Fulbright Austria can continue to have on our community members long after their time in the program.

Do you recall the mentor you met at your host institution who helped you succeed and grow personally and professionally? Perhaps you remember the elation after teaching your first class in a new setting? Do you look back fondly on the activities beyond your academic pursuits that helped you connect with your host culture? Our goal is to make these opportunities available to future participants and to continue building on those memories with all the alums in our community.

Events & networking

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Mentoring & volunteering

Being part of the Fulbright Program and meeting so many wonderful people allowed me to experience the USA beyond the borders of my own discipline. ... These many conversations and friendships are what we take home with us, where we continue as ambassadors of the Fulbright mission.

-Markus Beham, 2014–15 Austrian Fulbright student

Staying in touch

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Giving the gift of the Fulbright experience

The Fulbright Program supported my lecture tour through several US universities and thus helped expand my scientific network.

-Wolfgang U. Dressler, 1986–87 Austrian Fulbright scholar

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