Alumni installation: “Kreuz und Quer”: Arnold Schoenberg’s Reimagining of Melody and Harmony, June 11, 2018

11 June 2018

In this exhibit, US Fulbright alumni Franziska Brunner and Ross Lipton crossed boundaries of research and academic presentation to transfer their intellectual work into artistic practices, including visual art, installation, and sound design. They explored Arnold Schoenberg’s varied and far-reaching ideas of melody and harmony, which span from his early years in Vienna and Berlin to his later years in California. With approaches coming from the distantly related disciplines of historical musicology and comparative literature, Schoenberg the composer, artist, theorist, and pedagogue offered fruitful common ground for their creative and intellectual explorations. This experience was designed to provoke a dialogue about the relevance and value of new music and art in a world in which stark oppositions have become the norm.