Chronicle of a Fulbright Global Scholar awardee

30 June 2023

As part of his Fulbright grant in the 2022–23 program year, Fausto O. Sarmiento traveled to Austria, Japan, and Chile to conduct research and increase awareness of the study of mountains known as montology.

By Fausto O. Sarmiento

Originally suggested in the late 1970s, montology has now become a standard keyword for research and teaching about mountain geographies.
A view of the impressive Nordkette mountain range and the old-city structures of downtown Innsbruck in the Austrian province of Tyrol. Photo: Andreas Haller.
With Andreas Haller of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Mountain Research (IGF) manning the ÖAW’s booth at the International Mountain Conference at the University of Innsbruck in Tyrol, Austria. Photo: Margreth Keiler
With Kenichi Ueno touring the Mount Tsukuba area from the rice fields and orchards at its base. Photo: Fausto Sarmiento
Observing the legend in the prohibition gate—where women are not allowed to enter Omine-san—in the Yoshino National Park and World Heritage Site area of the Kii mountain range, western Japan. Photo: Masahito Yoshida
Crossing the Tropic of Capricorn along the route of the Atacama Desert in northern Chile. Photo: Fausto Sarmiento.
Visiting the belltower plaza in the town of Toconao in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile. Photo: Carla Marchant