Fulbright Austria Attends 65th Annual Berlin Seminar

1 April 2019

Every year, Fulbright Austria sends members of its current US cohort to Berlin to attend the Berlin Seminar organized by Fulbright Germany. The seminar focused on courage, diversity, and inclusion and was a chance for attendees to delve into these topics and network with grantees and staff from all over Europe. We asked one of our attendees, Isabel Monaghan, to share her perspective on the Berlin Seminar.

Connecting with the Fulbright idea in Germany

Fulbright Austria combined grantees Isra Hussain and Isabel Monaghan
Fulbright Austria grantees Maria Sanchez, Roni Lubofsky, and Theodora Nestorova
Fulbright Austria combined grantee Maria Sanchez
Fulbright Hungary scholar Richard Shuster, Fulbright Austria student Theodora Nestorova, and Fulbright Austria executive director Lonnie R. Johnson
Fulbright Austria student Elizabeth Sarkel
Fulbright Austria combined grantee Isabel Monaghan
Fulbright Austria grantees (left to right): Theodora Nestorova, Elaine Chen, Elizabeth Sarkel, Zoë Dobler, Roni Lubofsky, and Maria Sanchez Fulbright Austria staff: Dune Johnson and Darrah Lustig