Studying Abroad: Life as a Student in a Different University Setting

29 January 2019

Living and studying in a different country is often a defining moment in a young person’s life. Though the US and Austrian educational systems have much in common, one of the challenges faced by Fulbright students from the two countries is adapting to the differences they come across while navigating academia in their respective host country. We asked Austrian Fulbright student Julia Pataky and US Fulbright student Nathan Stobaugh to shed some light on their experience studying in a new environment and to share their thoughts on what aspects of university life in their host country could be incorporated into student life back home.

A snapshot of my life as an Austrian Fulbright student in Washington, DC

Photo credit: Julia Pataky

A glance into my time as a US Fulbright student in Vienna, Austria

Photo credit: Jan Dreer for the IFK