The beauty of language: discovering new words and dialects abroad

7 July 2021

Even when we learn a language fluently, we're often confronted with unexpected challenges when speaking the language abroad—particularly when the variation of the language differs from what we've learned. We asked 2019–20 Austrian foreign language teaching assistant (FLTA) Julia Höfferer and 2020–21 US teaching assistant (USTA) to discuss their experience with language in each other's home country. Additionally, 2020–21 USTAs Kaitlin Young and John Howard share their thoughts on learning Austrian dialects.

Julia Petron, 2020–21 USTA

Photo of Julia Petron

Julia Höfferer, 2019–20 FLTA

Photo of Julia Höfferer

Kaitlin Young, 2020–21 USTA

Photo of Kaitlin Young

John Howard, 2020–21 USTA

Photo of John Howard