The interviewer's perspective

5 July 2021

What do interviewers who have themselves had a Fulbright grant look for during interviews with potential Austrian Fulbright students? Three alums who sat on the Austrian Fulbright Student Program interview panels share their thoughts on how their Fulbright experience informs their assessment of candidates and what traits future Fulbrighters should have.

Maria-Regina Kecht, Fulbright Alum (1978–79), Board Member

Photo of Maria-Regina Kecht

Sara Mansour Fallah, Fulbright Alum (2017–18)

Photo of Sara Mansour Fallah

Antoinette Van Zabner Zinn-Zinnenburg, Fulbright Alum (1975–77), Board Member

Photo of Antoinette Van Zabner Zinn-Zinnenburg