US Teaching Assistantship Program

US Teaching Assistants
Grant Deadline
15 January 2022
Grant Length
1 school year
Starting Date
1 October 2022 (orientation in late September)

Teach English at Austrian secondary schools

Apply to be a US teaching assistant in Austria

Program background and objectives

Description of position

Hear no German, speak no German, see no German—and always eat your fruits and vegetables!

Placement, duration, remuneration, and insurance

I left America for the first time in my life and moved across an ocean all on my own in the pursuit of something immaterial, something I couldn't name at the time.

I suppose you could say that Fulbright Austria gave me the chance to breathe freely and for myself for the first time in my life, and I grabbed onto it with both hands—and I don't think I'll ever stop being grateful.

- Regina Bailey, 2019–21

Application sections and materials

USTA orientation
USTAs out for a hike during orientation
Becoming a USTA was the best possible decision I could have made post-undergrad. I had long wanted to become a teacher but had little experience and wanted to make sure it was truly for me. Within one week in this program, I had my answer: teaching is exhausting—and I absolutely LOVE it.

- Pearl Kahle, 2017–19

Preparing for the USTA position

USTAs join in the fun during Vienna's annual ball season. © Adrian Almasan
© Adrian Almasan
USTAs are invited to events within the broader Fulbright Austria community, including the annual "Thank Fulbright – Thanksgiving" dinner. © Adrian Almasan
USTAs join other members of the Fulbright Austria community for brunch.

After arrival

It is an opportunity for growth and development, outreach and connection, discovery and clarification, hope and love. Without Fulbright Austria, these opportunities would be very limited for me, so I am very thankful for Fulbright and the support this program receives.

- Ian Saner, 2019–20
Regional advisors periodically plan events for USTAs living in the area.
Regional USTA event in Klagenfurt
Many USTAs also get to participate in school events like sport week.


Katharina Hütthaler
Contact Person

Katharina Hütthaler

USTA Program Officer
TEL. +43-1-236 7878 - 11