Roadmap to your application

Here you'll find a timetable for the US Teaching Assistantship (USTA) Program, from submitting your application to starting your job as a US teaching assistant in an Austrian secondary school. At any point in the application cycle, you can consult this timetable to get an idea of when you can expect to be contacted—and when you are expected to complete certain steps.

Please note that in some cases, exact dates are not provided due to certain aspects of the timetable taking more or less time in any given year. If you have questions about specific parts of the timetable, please contact the USTA program officer.



Late March

Early April

Early May



Late September

1 October

Katharina Hütthaler
Contact Person

Katharina Hütthaler

USTA Program Officer
TEL. +43-1-236 7878 - 11