Fulbright Grants for Teaching, Research, Career Development, or Institutional Collaboration

Austrian Fulbright scholars
Application Period
15 February–30 October 2023
Grant Length
3–4 months
Starting Date
2024–25 academic year

Visit a US host institution to teach, do research, pursue career development, or foster institutional collaboration.

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Photo of buildings at the University of California, Los AngelesUniversity of California, Los Angeles
Photo of building at Columbia UniversityColumbia University
Photo of Lore Ellen Hayek at Drexler University2021–22 Austrian Fulbright scholar Lore Ellen Hayek at Drexel University in Pennsylvania. © Lore Ellen Hayek
Photo of Mario Rothbauer outside of the Hospital for Special Surgery2022–23 Austrian Fulbright scholar Mario Rothbauer at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. © Mario Rothbauer

Qualification and eligibility

My Fulbright grant allowed me to be part of the Orthopedic Soft Tissue Program at the Research Institute of the Hospital of Special Surgery in New York City, where I was lucky to work with Dr. Miguel Otero and his team for three months, developing three-dimensional systems to study fibrosis in osteoarthritis. I thank Fulbright for providing me with this unique opportunity for scientific and cultural exchange, new friendships, and good memories.

–Mario Rothbauer, 2022–23 Austrian Fulbright scholar at the Hospital for Special Surgery

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Franziska Brunner
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Franziska Brunner

Scholar Program Officer
Liaison for the Fulbright Specialist Program, Intercountry Lecture Program, and Fulbright Schuman Program
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