Fulbright Visiting Professor at the University of Minnesota (Social Sciences, Humanities, or Fine Arts)

Austrian Fulbright scholars
Application Period
15 February–30 October 2024
Grant Length
3–4 months
Starting Date
2025–26 academic year

Jointly sponsored four-month grant co-funded by Fulbright Austria and the University of Minnesota

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Photo of St. Paul, MinnesotaSt. Paul, Minnesota
Stadium at the University of MinnesotaThe stadium at the University of Minnesota
Photo of Karin Liebhart at the University of Minnesota2018–19 Austrian Fulbright scholar Karin Liebhart (r.) teaching at the University of Minnesota. © Karin Liebhart
Photo of Petra Aigner and colleague at the University of Minnesota2022–23 Austrian Fulbright scholar Petra Aigner (r.) with colleague at the University of Minnesota. © Petra Aigner

Qualification and eligibility

This Fulbright experience in Minneapolis/St. Paul was of immeasurable value to me, both academically and personally. I can only recommend it to colleagues.

–Petra Aigner, 2022–23 Austrian Fulbright scholar at the University of Minnesota

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Franziska Brunner
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Franziska Brunner

Scholar Program Officer
Liaison for the Fulbright Specialist Program, Intercountry Lecture Program, and Fulbright Schuman Program
Recording Secretary
TEL. +43-1-236 7878 - 15