Networking & volunteering

Our alums are important to us

A word-of-mouth recommendation from a member of the community lands you a job, a meeting with an experienced professional inspires you with new ideas, a chance encounter becomes a lifelong relationship—this is what networking at Fulbright Austria events is all about. 

The impact of these opportunities lasts a lifetime. We are committed to continuing those moments you had abroad by creating a unique set of opportunities for our alum community to pursue. Some of these events and activities are organized by us, while others are supported by us, and there are also other ways to volunteer your time and engage. You get to choose.

Our goal is to empower alums to lead in ways that are valuable to the individual and to the community at large while promoting the Fulbright spirit. Check out the resources below to find ways for you to connect with your fellow members of the Fulbright Austria community.

Mentoring & volunteering

Taking the opportunity to volunteer for Fulbright Austria isn’t a gift to an institution, it’s a gift to the people within that institution who have supported me and assisted me. I value these relationships, and volunteering is a way for me to say ‘thank you’ in a concrete way.

-Stephanie DePrez, 2019–21 US teaching assistant

The FOLD Symposium


Launch a fundraiser: Sharing the gift-giving with others

Serve on the Alum Advisory Panel

As an alumna, it is a pleasure to give back to the Fulbright Austria community, which has given me so much. Being a part of the Alum Advisory Panel has given me the opportunity to cultivate a broader Fulbright network that connects, inspires, and continues to make the Fulbright experience possible for future generations.

-Melissa Danas, 2017–18 US Fulbright student

Donate to Fulbright Austria

Your support to fulbright austria is funding opportunity, funding adventure, funding impact! Be part of the experience!

Donations to Fulbright Austria are fully tax deductible in Austria and the US.

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